bay area. graphic designer. photographer. singer songwriter.
dog owner. food a·fi·ci·o·na·do. hunter and gatherer. builder of things.
bodhisattva. curious adventurer of all sorts.



*all images under the 'My Adventures' section are copyrighted and originally owned materials by myself, Erika Weeks. all other images are from other parties and are linked through to original sources. they are shared here as a collection of favorites.

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Currently at Keflavik Airport headed back to the states. Feels as though this whole trip has been a bit of a dream really and that I’ve been away on another planet for a while. So grateful to see all that I have and for the experience. I have so many photos in my stash to edit and share. As gorgeous as Iceland is, I am happy to be getting back to the Bay. I miss quality produce, the sunshine, my pup and my warm hikes. Farewell, Iceland. Until we meet again.