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Annual Eggnog Taste-Off 

Tonight some friends of mine who live in a nearby loft-apartment here in San Francisco held their annual ‘Eggnog Taste-Off Party’. Just to stiffen the competition, a friend and I decided to make our very *own* eggnog from scratch in the Vitamix to see how we held up in the poll results (2 Raw Eggs / 3oz. Sugar / 2oz. Brandy / 2oz. Spiced Rum / 6 oz Whole Milk / 4 oz Heavy Whipping Cream / Fresh Ground Nutmeg). Collectively, we had 19 varieties of eggnog. Naturally, our homemade version came in first place with Bud’s coming in at a close second. Personally, I’m not much into eggnog but I am into holiday parties. And lastly, what’s a holiday party without a little Just Dance action?

Happy Holidays! -E