bay area. graphic designer. photographer. singer songwriter.
dog owner. food a·fi·ci·o·na·do. hunter and gatherer. builder of things.
bodhisattva. curious adventurer of all sorts.



*all images under the 'My Adventures' section are copyrighted and originally owned materials by myself, Erika Weeks. all other images are from other parties and are linked through to original sources. they are shared here as a collection of favorites.

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"If you love something. If you really love something. If you really want something. Fucking go for it. I mean REALLY go for it. With everything you’ve got. Give it hell. Fuck all of that fear and all of the ‘What If’s’ and the ideas of failing. Leave no room for holding back. You deserve better than that and that’s what it takes to make it. The next time you roll into here I think you’re going to roll in on a tour bus. And you need to be very careful right now because you will meet someone better - and you can fall in love again."

~ Words of advice given to me by my college marketing instructor when I visited her about two years ago. She invited me into her home, cooked me lunch and gave me some motherly advice. A few months later I met someone and fell in love. Still giving it all I’ve got…

So catchy. ‘Arrows’ is catching on with me as well. I wasn’t into that one at first but it’s been a great track to play while I work and design and edit photographs. Granted, it is my personal opinion that if you are alive, it’s never too late - for anything - or anyone - and I plan to keep saying that when I’m seriously fucking old and staring down the end of my days. Looking forward to his release.

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"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."

~ Amelia Earhart

My life is continuously moving at the speed of fucking light. I’ve been nauseous and dizzy for a year now at the insanity of it. It’s been bloody but it’s also been beautiful. I’ve been broken down in nearly every way I can imagine but those spaces rebuild in new ways. In order to live we have to die. Sometimes it takes moving through an unfathomable pain for us to see the big picture. If we remain comfortable, we don’t change. Life pushes us into uncomfortable situations so that we must confront the changes we need to make to be true, to live and love optimally. Trust the universe and surrender into what it asks of you. Don’t give up. 

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I don’t! Funny you ask though - it never even occurred to me that I might try and have a gallery showing or be doing professional photography again. It’s been a very organic process… first traveling and adventuring out of an inner necessity to explore my curious nature and to process my experiences which somehow became the need to also photograph them. Gradually the adventures and pictures grew over time and led me to traveling to more extravagant places and taking the leap in buying pro equipment nearing the passing of my photography mentor, a man named Daniel Regalado. With his death came a motivation.

Before I knew it, I had an entire portfolio before my eyes and realized that I knew I was only just beginning this new body of work. A friend suggested that I start doing local gallery showings…   perhaps that should be my next step :) I have seen that done and I would LOVE to see my photographs that way. A lot of people have mentioned wanting to do a wall of them. At the end of the day, I’m mostly grateful I have such heartfelt captures to remember my life by and even more so that people enjoy them so much. Thank you.

This made me laugh. A lot.